How to weather a rough patch

I'm writing to you from New Orleans! It is gloriously warm and damp here, and I am reveling in the moss and the trees and the bricks and the food and the glorious buildings and the soft, soft air! Last week I told you about a time in my life when it felt like I was...

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Fierce and Tender: an experiment!

I'm trying something totally new.  I have an idea for a brand new program and I'm over the moon about it, because it's the very thing that I have craved the most for myself and for you this past year. (Which is how all my best programs and groups are born!) But...

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You need a refuge…inside yourself

Tell me something. Over the past couple of years, have you ever felt the immense awfulness of the outside world pressing in on you? Have you felt it pierce through all the healthy boundaries you've ever set up for yourself and trickle in? Has it perhaps soaked in so...

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This will help with adulting

​ Dear {{ subscriber.first_name }}, So tell me. Can you finally breathe again after the terriblehorriblenogoodverybadness of last year? Or, did you emerge triumphantly out of 2018 only to have the new year kick you in the teeth? And then maybe insult your glasses?...

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Kind and Blunt

This lovely photo is by the amazing Dana Pugh!​ My husband Nick and I have a motto when it comes to our marital communications: KIND AND BLUNT.  Sometimes we are our best selves, the stars align, the baby tulips sing, and we can be BOTH of those things. We can find a...

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The depths of bliss (and despair)

I've been doing a very deep spiritual practice. It's very much like when you go on a spartan Buddhist meditation retreat and sleep on hard boards and eat only green things and the monks come around and whack you on the shoulders with a stick while you meditate. Except...

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A new BLISS CONSPIRACY! #blissconspiracy

Here are some daffodils for you! Don't you need them? Me too! I've had a hideous cold this week, and it's made me feel grateful for all the shit I usually take for granted-- like breathing, sleeping, talking without coughing-- but also daffodils. In fact, as I looked...

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Let’s pull back the curtain

Today we're going to pull back the curtain. I'm going to tell you some stories about what it's like behind-the-scenes for some extraordinary women. Because aren't you always dying to know what's REALLY going on behind the impressive accomplishments? Behind...

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The fight in you

We in the northern hemisphere are deep into the season of darkness. It's so dark by 5pm that I just want to huddle under a blanket and hibernate until spring. With snacks! And fuzzy socks! And mulled things! That's a reasonable response, right? ​As the days get...

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Hey there, I'm Katherine.

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