The depths of bliss (and despair)

I've been doing a very deep spiritual practice. It's very much like when you go on a spartan Buddhist meditation retreat and sleep on hard boards and eat only green things and the monks come around and whack you on the shoulders with a stick while you meditate. Except...

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A new BLISS CONSPIRACY! #blissconspiracy

Here are some daffodils for you! Don't you need them? Me too! I've had a hideous cold this week, and it's made me feel grateful for all the shit I usually take for granted-- like breathing, sleeping, talking without coughing-- but also daffodils. In fact, as I looked...

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Let’s pull back the curtain

Today we're going to pull back the curtain. I'm going to tell you some stories about what it's like behind-the-scenes for some extraordinary women. Because aren't you always dying to know what's REALLY going on behind the impressive accomplishments? Behind the witty...

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The fight in you

We in the northern hemisphere are deep into the season of darkness. It's so dark by 5pm that I just want to huddle under a blanket and hibernate until spring. With snacks! And fuzzy socks! And mulled things! That's a reasonable response, right? ​As the days get...

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My November New Year Ritual

Did you hear that last week I announced that I'm taking on a new name? If you missed it, the whole story is here! Thank you for your wonderfully kind responses-- you are the most big-hearted, generous, delightful humans. There was a line in that missive that rang a...

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So I changed my name at 41

​This beautiful photograph is taken by Jen Downer. Portland friends, HIRE HER IMMEDIATELY.   I like it when things happen effortlessly. When the stars align and the universe conspires and it all just flows with ease and grace.  But mostly it feels like I'm trying to...

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It’s been a WEEK.

This beautiful photo of us the morning of Nick's surgery is by Daniella Zalcman. I'm writing to you from the waiting room of the hospital. Don't worry, everything is ok; everything is great, in fact. My beloved husband Nick is getting chest reconstruction journey,...

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A story from #BRAVEMAGIC

This beautiful photograph is by Anne Simone. Today we're going to take a break from all the terrible things happening in the world and I'm going to tell you a story about something wonderful that happened a few weeks ago. I was in California, attending a workshop led...

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Rage, power, and dignity

This beautiful photograph is by Anne Simone. Listen. I love you. I believe you. You are not crazy; you are sane in a crazy world. The women I love most in the world are grappling with their rage. Their rage is correct, justified, and healthy. But most of my clients...

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the choice that made everything else possible

This week I want to tell you about a choice I made in my 20s that made everything else in my life possible. It's a controversial choice. It was a difficult choice at the time. It might be difficult for some of you to read about. It's something for which, now, I have...

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Hey there, I'm Katherine.

I've got five kids, I'm a queer feminist, and I just might be the only life coach in the world who doesn’t believe in the Law of Attraction.

I write things for women with big, gorgeous, COMPLICATED lives.

I help women become epic fucking badasses... but I still retain my right to cry at every diaper commercial ever made. 


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