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Extraordinary women require
extraordinary support.

It’s not easy to be a strong, powerful, creative, brilliant, soulful woman.


You need someone in your corner

who’s got your back.


Hi, I’m Katherine North.


I work with soulful women who are too smart for most of the self-help aisle.

They feel different.

Like strangers in a strange land.

They have this nagging sense that there is supposed to be MORE to life than this.

Well of course they do…they’re destined to be epic fucking badasses.


This is life coaching for ridiculously smart women.

Expect profanity but also a strange kind of magic.


Global takeover by the wise women.

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Deeper Magic

Earlier this week I was writing my morning pages, which I do more mornings than not, and I wrote something that surprised me. I'll tell you what it was in a minute, but first I need to explain why it surprised me. Usually, see, my morning pages (which I began doing...

Marital negotiation, gender roles, and domestic bliss

Hi! That's me and my beloved husband up there; Krista Welch took that photo when we were speaking in Marfa a while back. Today's topic is personal AND political AND practical. See, we are merrily sweeping away in the Queen Sweep, and it’s brought up a marvelous...

In defense of Rebels (and Upholders and Questioners and Obligers)

Slightly embarrassing confession: I'm a personality test junkie. You'll find me at cocktail parties saying witty things like, "ESTJ??? INFP!!!! Factfinder Quickstart, totally lacking in Follow Through, gosh I wish I had your Implementor! Yeah, absolutely no Woo, but...

Castles and warrior queens

Today I want to tell you a little story. Once upon a time, there was a woman who lived in a beautiful castle. It was full of beauty, color, and light. People gathered in the banquet hall to dance and feast. Scholars and diplomats met in the libraries to talk about the...

Energetic boundaries and energy cocoons

A few weeks ago I was in Marfa, Texas, teaching at an incredible event for creatives called Yeah Field Trip. My talk was called "How to make art and business with a tender heart in a brutal world." I taught them a crash course in setting energetic boundaries so that...

How to weather a rough patch

I'm writing to you from New Orleans! It is gloriously warm and damp here, and I am reveling in the moss and the trees and the bricks and the food and the glorious buildings and the soft, soft air! Last week I told you about a time in my life when it felt like I was...

Fierce and Tender: an experiment!

I'm trying something totally new.  I have an idea for a brand new program and I'm over the moon about it, because it's the very thing that I have craved the most for myself and for you this past year. (Which is how all my best programs and groups are born!) But...

You need a refuge…inside yourself

Tell me something. Over the past couple of years, have you ever felt the immense awfulness of the outside world pressing in on you? Have you felt it pierce through all the healthy boundaries you've ever set up for yourself and trickle in? Has it perhaps soaked in so...

The daily practice that helps my heart (and isn’t gratitude)

A while back, I stopped writing a gratitude list. Which seems crazy because every self-help guru plus Oprah PLUS SCIENCE will tell you that regularly practicing gratitude is one of the best things you can do for your mind and heart. But I declared dominion and finally...

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