You, wise and glorious one, are in possession of an incredible set of tools. Tools that will make your world bigger.  Tools that put you in touch with your own feminine power.  Tools that let you feel joy more fully.
But I bet no one ever taught you to use them.  It would be my honor to put you in touch with the tools that reside in your very own belt right now.

These are your very own tools.  You’ve already got them, you just need to learn how to wield them.

1.  Your words. The difference between “I have to” and “I am going to.” What happens when you eliminate the word “should” from your vocabulary. The power of the phrase “Next time what I’ll do is” instead of “I wish…”  Your words are powerful. No surprise that magical spells are made up of words.
2.  Your body. Your own sweet physical human self. That clench in your gut that says NONONO. The uneasiness that says WALK AWAY. The open fluttering that says ADVENTURE LIES THIS WAY and the warm comfort in the belly when you meet a true kindred spirit. Our minds process waaaay more information than we can consciously take in, and a lot of that gets communicated to us through physical sensations. (That’s a scientific explanation for why you can and should use your own body as your magical compass to steer your own life. But also: magic.)
3.  Your history. The good, the bad, and especially the ugly. Your past is YOURS. It belongs to you. It taught you things, it broke you in places, and it made you unbelievably strong in others. It is the raw material for your own hero journey. Even if your past is full of pain, please be proud of it. It’s the prologue to the story you’re about to write.
4.  Your curiosity. This is what will move you out of that origin story and propel you into the future. Many people are embarrassed by their secret curiosities, but I think that they are the bread crumbs to the life that is most fascinatingly and enthrallingly YOURS and yours alone. As a bonus, I can guarantee that you find it intensely interesting.
5.  Your divine spark. Your YOUness. Your soul. Your unique spirit. I don’t care what you call it; you have it, and you know it and I know it too, and who has time to pretend? There is something inside you that sounds like the ocean. A tight seed of potential that can unfurl like a tulip. Roots that go down like a mighty oak. A light in you that leaps in recognition at firelight, candlelight, the flickering stories on the television. There is a divine hum in you that answers to the stars, the sound of a cello, the purr of a tiger. There is more to you than meets the eye.

These things are yours, my love. Carry them with you always. Practice becoming more skilled with them, day in and day out. They belong to you. No one can take them from you, for they are your birthright.  How you use them is completely up to you.  And with these things alone, you can do magnificent and tender and wonderful things.

There’s another set of tools though.

BIG tools.

We don’t talk about these very much. They’re a bit of a mystery to most people. These ones are a little harder to come by. They’re not for everyone. They’re only for the ones who are ready to be a little bit braver, a little bit more truthful, a little bit more full of wild love than most of the people around them.

Used correctly, they are the difference between having good ideas…and having the guts to execute them. Between caring a lot…and demonstrating heroism through your actions. Between feeling outraged…and asking clearly for what you need. They are the tools that turn the kindred spirits into epic fucking badasses.

I’ve put them together for you in a nifty digital package. They’re right here.

(And YES, that is absolutely my stealth way of launching my new program, The EFBA Toolkit! I finally found a way to get these tools into the hands of EFBAs everywhere at a price point that is accessible to most, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. My heart is full to the brim, my eyes are bright and I am ready to see the Wise Women of this world rise up.  I think you are too. Sign up by Sunday night and also get your very own EFBA Power Pack, including a T-shirt– all details HERE!)

much love,


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