Life has been SO busy, you guys.

Yours too, I bet. Because LIFE.

Nonetheless, if we had a busy contest, I would win.

The last few weeks (months) have been insanely full as I packed up one household, set up another, traveled internationally, launched a program, and blended families with my adored fiancé.

Which is why I really didn’t have time to go to this retreat last weekend.

I mean just absolutely DID NOT.

But we had booked it months ago, and we wanted to see our beloved people.

As I packed my suitcase at midnight, surrounded by Ikea boxes, I felt utterly conflicted. Of course we were going. But I felt panicked by all the half-finished projects I was stepping away from.

You see, I had forgotten something important.

The more we think we don’t have time to rest, the more we probably need it.

Just when we need our self-care most is exactly when we’re most likely to let it slide.

It’s hard enough to keep up the good habits that keep us strong and healthy when life is humming along at a normal pace. It takes discipline, stamina, and a superhuman ability to wake up before everyone else to get in that yoga class, or go for a run, or steal 20 minutes to meditate, or get that massage, or do whatever it is that keeps you playing your top game.

But when life gets bigger–  you move to a different country, say, or you have a crazy deadline at work, or someone gets sick, or you take a trip– those nourishing habits can seem impossible to sustain.

Which is unfortunate.


I forgot this crucial bit of human law. The more my brain tells me I do not have time to rest, the more important it is for me to ignore it and rest deeply.

I knew I was tired; of course. I essentially had four babies last month! I knew I had poured a lot out to my tribe; of course. I’d launched a whole program! But I didn’t realize quite how depleted I was until I started filling up.

I bought a novel at the airport. I slept long and deep every night. I even took afternoon NAPS! I got up out of the day-to-day tasks of running my business and did the blue-sky dreaming that will help it get bigger and more beautiful. I connected with my dearest love. I had rich raw conversations with kindred spirits. I sang my guts out at karaoke.

It was so good.

I totally did not have time to do it.

But it was the very best thing I possibly could have done.

So thanks, Kristen Kalp, for your witchy good timing, and making a respite for us. (Kristen writes funny, irreverent, wise things; you should read them here.)

And to you reading this, let me ask you– what is the thing that fills you up? That pushes the reset button when shit is crazy? That makes you stronger, kinder, gentler, wiser? That helps you do All The Things better?

Please go do that thing.

I beg you.

Because the world needs you at full capacity. Your work, your family, your kids, your friends, maybe even the earth– they need you in top form, not dragging and depleted and grouchy and distracted. Give yourself permission to get strong, so that you can BE strong.

(And yep, this is definitely one of those times when I went ahead and made the mistake FOR you, so that you don’t have to. You’re welcome!!)

much love,



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