The holiday crazy is coming for you.  Yes, you.
The antidote is HERE.  My holiday class happens on Monday, so don’t delay!

Our tree is up, gifts, cards, parties, lo the many things. But also, whatever was on pause before is now un-paused.

A part of me that was quiet is Ready To Get Moving.

To my great surprise, this new sense of momentum has me out in the mornings wearing a highly mortifying get-up.  

Sneakers.   Not my thing.   Leggings that show way more of my ass than is seemly.  Grown women really wear these out in public?   Also, one of those hideous headband things around my head.  My ears get cold.  

What I do in this outfit can hardly be called running.  It’s more like a slow stagger, with lurching and moaning.  Every now and then, I pause dramatically to cough up a lung.  I pray I won’t see anyone I know, for fear of being mocked and pelted with green smoothies.

But I’m moving.  Literally and metaphorically.

Obviously, this is an insane time of year to try to incorporate a new habit.  But here I am, weirdly compelled to move my body through the icy air every morning.

Maybe there is a habit or practice that makes everything in your life better, that supports you and strengthens you.  The problem is, when things are really busy, it’s hard to do the very things that will most sustain you through the busy-ness. 

Things like, oh say hypothetically,

  • exercise 
  • meditating 
  • tracking your spending 
  • journaling
  • cloaking 
  • daily clutter clearing 
  • plenty of sleep 

The VERY things that make us strong and nimble can be the first to go when we most need them. 

So here’s my best trick for sneaking in some of that good stuff:
(sort of like when parents sneak zucchini into cake and spinach into casserole)

Sneak it in to something you already do. 

This should be something that you do reliably, without fail, because it is non-negotiable.  For me, that’s taking my daughter to school in the morning. (Though yesterday I was thwarted by a snow day.)  Maybe for you it’s the commute to work, or the cup of coffee you make yourself first thing, or the dirty martini you have at lunch.  It doesn’t matter how virtuous or questionable the existing habit is, what matters is that you always do it.  So yes, this might mean that the only reliable habit you can discover, especially if you have small children or you work at home, happens in the bathroom.  No matter!

Sneak in those habits like Aunt Marge sneaks the eggnog.  So this might mean you: 

  • scribble in your journal as the coffee brews its magic brew 
  • kegel at every stoplight 
  • make a gratitude list while you brush your teeth 
  • put your jammies on before your favorite late-night show starts 
  • mentally cloak your energy as you step into the work elevator 
  • sort mail before you log in to facebook 

If you can load these little habits up with sweet treats and rewards, it’ll work even better: 

  • drink your coffee out of your favorite mug and light a candle  
  • fantasize about Ryan Gosling at stoplights 
  • use your most decadent potions & lotion after you brush your teeth 
  • watch your favorite show in your PJs   
  • buy a frothy coffee when you get to your floor 
  • enjoy guilt-free facecrack browsing 

1. Pick ONE tiny little supportive thing that should be non-negotiable even during the madness of the holiday swirl.  

2. Pick an existing habit you can sneak it into. 

3. Find a way to sweeten the deal for yourself. 

Aaaaaand you’re off to the races.  Watch out for the staggering, panting newbie runners. We’re harmless.

much love,

P.S.  Which sounds better, a bottle of Veuve Clicquot or a box of Vosges truffles?  Decisions, decisions.  You’ll HAVE to choose if you win our epic game of dysfunctional family bingo– part of my upcoming class to help you keep your sanity and humor during the holidays.  For details, click the image below: 

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