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Who I am:  I’m a master life coach helping successful women make breakthroughs in their lives so that they can have the careers, relationships, and lives that they want.

I’m available for keynotes, interviews, and profiles.

My former career as a film and voice-over actor plus my nerdy passion for personal development make me comfortable in front of a camera, microphone, audience, or in print…and I’ve got some insightful (yet concise!) things to say.

My favorite topics to discuss include:

  • The habits and beliefs that keep successful women playing small
  • The pitfall of apology energy and why it holds ambitious women back
  • Combining motherhood and your career without losing your mind
  • How to change your whole life by cleaning up your clutter
  • The tribal beliefs that sabotage women’s wealth


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Official Bio

Katherine North is a writer and coach who helps women declare dominion over their lives.

Her clients– intelligent, soulful women too smart for most of the self-help aisle– report copious swearing but also a strange kind of magic.

They have started new businesses, negotiated raises, taken on courageous projects, and done historic legal work. They have healed painful personal patterns and shifted tricky relationship dynamics. With a combination of real-world strategic insight and compassionate spiritual depth, Katherine gives them a safe place to fall apart, break problems down, and come up with new solutions. Most of them discover that they are bigger, braver, and more powerful than anyone had ever given them permission to be.

Katherine’s unapologetic secret agenda is a global takeover by the wise women.

Before she was certified as a master life coach by Dr. Martha Beck (NYT bestselling author and columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine), Katherine was a voice-over artist and international consultant in Tokyo. She left Japan with her daughter shortly after the 2011 earthquake, and wrote about the experience in a post that went viral. Since then, her writing has appeared in The Huffington Post, Yoga Journal, and numerous other publications, and she helps women around the globe live bigger, more gorgeous lives through her coaching programs and her website, DeclareDominion.com.

After five years as a happy solo mom in Portland, Oregon with her daughter, “Ms. Adventure,” Katherine fell in love with a Canadian and moved to a suburb of Calgary. She now has five kids, a dog, 2 snakes, and a minivan. Her husband, Nick McArthur, is a branding consultant and navigating his own big life transition as he embraces his identity as a transgender man.

Katherine is the creator of The EFBA Mentorship, The Bliss Conspiracy, and Practical Magic for Secret Mystics. More than 3,000 people have made their homes more beautiful using her program The Queen Sweep, a program on clearing clutter and sweeping out old beliefs and habits. Katherine is also the founder of The Birth Story Project, a nonprofit website that curates empowering birth stories from women around the world.

Questions? Email info@declaredominion.com

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