The Queen Sweep

5-Day Mini Sweep

Less Clutter. More beauty.


Five things you can do starting today to make your life more gorgeous, from Katherine North, creator of the Queen Sweep Master Class.

Spam is such bad karma. I would never.

Hi! I’m Katherine.

I’m a Portland/Tokyo city girl who moved to the Canadian ‘burbs last year for true love. Even though I didn’t even BELIEVE in true love. But then I fell in love and the universe snort-laughed. In the process, I gained four more kids (for a glorious total of FIVE!), a dog, and a snake. Let’s not talk about the snake.

So I’m currently rocking it out in my Dodge minivan, wondering if fierce feminist 41-year-olds can really still call themselves “girls,” and wanting to tell you right up front that I swear a lot, I’m a queer feminist married to a transgender man, and I’m not very good at small talk. Just in case you need to walk away quietly before someone gets hurt.

But what I am very good at is:

  1. turning the chaos of life into humming systems that bring sanity to our crazy household of 7,
  2. making life gorgeous even when it’s messy (because diapers but also PEONIES),
  3. and then teaching those systems to other people.
In fact, more than 3,000 women have used my Queen Sweep systems to get on top of their closets + wallets + paper + To-Do lists and generally bring more order and beauty and badassery into their worlds. I have no patience for staged Insta-perfect fakery. I don’t live in an ivory tower or a TV studio. But my life runs smoothly and my house always looks gorgeous, and it’s not magic– it’s a set of systems I can teach you! So let’s make your real, actual life more efficient and beautiful, because you deserve no less.

Also? My secret mission is a global takeover by the wise women. And for the wise women to take over, we’ve got to be able to find our keys.

So I hope you’ll join me for this free, easy mini-Sweep!

My mantra: less clutter, more beauty. Because life is messy but we can make it gorgeous anyway.

Spam is such bad karma. I would never.

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