For the haters

This week we had the surreal experience of seeing our family— on tv! for the first time! for two whole minutes! It was very thrilling.  ​ Let’s be honest, though, the first few seconds I forgot to watch the actual thing, because I was too busy speed-critiqueing my...

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Growing the fierce maternal in you

The other day I woke with a heavy feeling in my chest and sick dread in my belly.  That email.  It was sitting in my inbox, emanating doom. I’d seen it ping into my phone the night before when I’d checked the weather. At least I’d had the good sense to NOT open it...

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Even first responders get days off

So! Last week I told a very dignified story about a river, and sharp rocks, and the moral was BUY THE DAMN RIVER SHOES and you can read that right here if you missed it. I heard back from so many of you who wrote me saying, "Ohmygoddess!!! This is SO ME!!!!" (and most...

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My river shoe downfall

We survived camping!! And 18 hours in the car!!! And then a 24-hour turnaround that involved 12+ loads of laundry so that five out of our seven could head off to their next adventure! So about that river. There it is above, sparkling and cold, home to friendly snakes...

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the deep inhale

That’s me this week, getting an unexpected horse kiss.​ Today I’m going to talk to you about a completely new topic that I have never mentioned before, ever. Just kidding!!! Nah, I’m learning the SAME THING all over again. Because apparently I forgot. (Again.) Also,...

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Don’t drown in your own empathy

  I have been thinking a lot this week about empathy. Empathy is what you, my dear kindred spirits, have in spades. (Spades? Hell, you have mountains of it; oceans of it!) Empathy is what makes us all feel so sick right now. Empathy is what makes it so easy for us to...

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7 Ways To Change The World

WHOAH NELLY what a week. For starters, America is making concentration camps for children, cozying up to brutal dictators, and totally fucking up the valiant remaining threads of our working democracy. My country’s supposed leader picked a fight with Canada this week,...

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Those cold winds made you stronger

The past few weeks, we have been furiously gardening. (And when I say we, I mean that I pick out the plants and then my patient husband digs holes and waters them and weeds them and waters them some more. #trueromance) I cannot tell you how much these plants nourish...

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What my “fancy” red car meant to me

  So there I was, buying my first car in ten years. A cherry scarlet lipstick little roadster… …and I was crimson vermillion ruby THRILLED about it! Sure, it was 8 years old and a little beat up, but it had personality. Dignity. Black leather interior. And it went...

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