You're ALLOWED. To take up space. To inhabit your own body. Don't let anyone tell you different.

Let’s just say this, in case it wasn’t made clear to you. 
You are allowed
to take up space
to want things
to have edges
to say no
to say more
to say anything you want.

Let’s get back to basics, because there seems to be some confusion.
Your body is yours;
you are allowed to live in it.
It does not belong to anyone else.
It is really that simple.

The moon has cordially asked me to remind you:
Tyranny will come and go,
laws will change and double back on themselves,
fashions will contort and fold,
but your spirit is forever.
Your soul is ageless.
Your joy and your sorrow, they matter.


You’re free. You’re precious, because you’re alive. 
So say yes,
say no.
Open your heart,
or tell everyone to fuck right off.
Set off on an adventure,
or curl up inside yourself.
Breathe in,
breathe out,
taste all of it, and let it be yours.


Roots in the ground, 
arms to the sky.


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