Falling prey to your inner critic? Afraid you might say the wrong thing? Afraid to speak up because you will probably turn someone away? Me Too! Click through to find all sorts of advice to keep persisting.

  1. More sleep is always a good idea.
  2. The show Transparent is SO GOOD that sometimes I forget to breathe.
  3. Leila de Bruyne has a judgmental international relief aid worker in her head who tells her that she’s a horrible entitled tourist and is making all kinds of mortifying mistakes. But Leila didn’t let that stop her from starting a world-class school for critically-poor kids in Kenya– so you shouldn’t let your mean inner critic stop you from making the world a better place either.
  4. Dancing really hard for 3 minutes to a kickass song will make you feel better, no matter what.
  5. Reading Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed will always bring you back to the solid ground of what is true and what is important and what is beautiful.
  6. Being spiritual doesn’t mean pretending we’re above what’s happening in our real world. Spiritual mentor Hiro Boga says that our job is bring spirit into the world, not use spirituality as an excuse to withdraw from it. If your heart is hurting from the current political situation, you need to listen to her wisdom today.
  7. I always wear perfume (Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle) and earrings, no matter what kind of a lazy day I’m having, because they make me feel a little more awake and focused.
  8. I’m always worried when I’m talking about politics that I’m going to say the wrong thing. Wendy Chin-Tanner says that in fact you are SURE to say the wrong thing at some point, and that’s okay, you just apologize and move on, and that a faux pas is so much better than complicit silence.
  9. If you make your bed first thing every morning, you’ll feel better all day long. Truly.
  10. Red wine has antioxidants. You’re welcome.
  11. There’s no such thing as political vs private any more. Even if you run the fluffiest, prettiest business on the internet, your customers still want to hear you stand up for what is right. Sarah Von Bargen explains why. 
  12. You are doing a good job with your kids. Yep. You really, really are.
  13. It’s tempting to look for quick fixes, but Patti Digh encourages us to dig deeper. We don’t need to tweak or polish a broken system; we need to change that system from the ground up. This applies to politics, education, racism, and also (probably unfortunately certainly) to my relationship with exercise.
  14. You, beautiful radiant you, are precious. You are worth making a scene over. Susan Hyatt knows this for sure.
  15. Most personal finance advice just doesn’t apply to people who are self-employed, run businesses, or freelance. It’s tricky because you have to break SOME of the rules…but if you break ALL the rules, you’ll end up with piles of debt. Proceed with caution.
  16. Even with all the insanity in our world, your story still matters. In fact, it might matter more than ever. Betsy Rapoport’s interview for all my fellow writer folk is coming soon!
  17. If you’re having a hard day, try giving $5 to someone who is likely to spend it unwisely. It’ll remind you how incredibly rrrrrich you actually are.
  18. Bright red polish on your toenails is a sure-fire pick-me-up.
  19. We’re in this together. I believe in you. I believe in us. #persisterhood

much love,


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