Declaring Dominion over the Holidays: A Manifesto
Done is better than perfect.
Let it feel as good on the inside as it looks on the outside.
Better cheerios happily poured than a roast goose served with resentment.
It’s going to be messy. Let it be messy. You can contain all of it.
You don’t have to kiss anyone, be hugged, or listen to political talk.
No, really. You don’t.
Stay with your own heartbeat. It’s your steady loyal companion.
When it starts to speed up, you need a break.
“I’m going to get more cranberry sauce” always works as an exit line.
You are always allowed to step outside for a moment.
While you’re out there, breathe in this beautiful world.
It’s the darkest season…
so we will bring the light.
Burn bright, my big gorgeous fucking cathedrals.
May your celebrations be sacred, may your people be beloved, and may you laugh so hard that eggnog shoots out of your nose.
much love,

The Wise Women Book Club

Anna books
My secret mission is a global takeover by the wise women. Gathering together to bond over literature seems like the perfect place to start.
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