This one’s going to be short…


I got married last night!

I did!

In the middle of a field, to the love of my life, with our five kids rolling and bouncing around us.

(Best moment: when Epic said, “Hold on!!!! PAUSE THE WEDDING!!!” because little Mayhem was making a break for freedom. Meanwhile, Adventure found a ladybug for luck, Wilde was afraid of the big scary rock in the distance, and Danger caught a grasshopper. Then they all warmed our rings in their little hands and put their own special magic into them. #ohmyheart)

Life is unutterably sweet right now. I am sending you love, and wishing for such happiness to wend its way toward you too.

Because if anyone ever tells you that joy can’t surprise you– 

don’t believe them.

much love,


P.S. You can find more pics on Instagram or Facebook as we post our snaps and wait for the photographer’s gems! (Like this one below from the amazing Dana Pugh.)


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