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Sometimes we’re feeling heroic and badass and we are ready to set out on a bold EFBA journey and we are winning!!!  and amazing!!!!  and our eyelashes curl all on their own!

Other days, the light is too bright and the trees are so aggressively green and the air is too goddamn airy and everything feels hard.

On those days, you need something easy.  You can’t read a self-help book on those days; they will just make you cry.  You can’t coach yourself or you will talk yourself into some very poor fashion choices.  You will very likely deck anyone who suggests that you meditate.

So!  For those times when your beautiful radiant EFBA self is TIRED, here are some quick (and free) things that will make any day better:

1.  Lay flat on your back on the floor or ground.  Imagine all the crap and tension in your body draining out of you into the ground.  Give yourself a moment of sweet emptiness.

2.  Wear your favorite underwear, even if it isn’t practical.  That’s right, those ones.

3. Touch a tree.  Hug it with abandon or lean nonchalantly against it if you’re embarrassed, but be in physical contact with it for three minutes. Feel its pulse, feel the sap rising.  No, it’s not just your imagination.

4.  Pull your favorite book off the shelf, preferably the kids’ book, the one you’ve had for years.  Flip through it.  Read a passage at random.  Marinate in the comfort of it.

5. Throw away that thing you’re just sick of looking at.  Really, go ahead and put it in the trash.

6. Put your hand on your heart for three minutes.  Get quiet enough to hear your own heartbeat.  Marvel at its constancy and loyalty.

7.  List five people who are glad that you were born.  Now list five people you’re glad were born.  If it sounds fun, call one of them to say hello.

8. Put on sunglasses or a hat when you’re out in the world today.  Gaze at the world from this new, more mysterious vantage point.

9. Stick a $20 bill in your bra or the waistband of your underwear.  All day, imagine whipping it out and paying for something.

10.  Pull your knees to your chest and wrap your arms around them.  Lay your head on your knees.  Rock yourself gently back and forth, the way you would a tiny and beloved baby.  Have you forgotten, my dear, that the world is brimming over with love for you?  And you need only embrace yourself to feel it?

much love,

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My secret mission is a global takeover by the wise women. Gathering together to bond over literature seems like the perfect place to start.
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