Your Magical Radio Channel

I sat down feeling like I have nothing to write you this week. Nothing funny, nothing helpful.

It’s like a part of me has gone dormant. It’s quiet. Waiting. Watching. Expectant.

For what? I have no idea.

But my soul knows.

There is a great wisdom moving through all of us.

It’s the churn in our belly that says “Don’t go that way.”

The hand on our chest that says “You’re all right, love.”

The tug on the soles of our feet that says, “Walk slow. Sink into the ground. Be on this earth.”

I tend to ignore these urgings just like everybody else– because it turns out there is a whole season of Girls I haven’t watched!!! And mortifying things to shame spiral about, like how yesterday I totally accidentally flashed the window washer guy!!! With my naked ass!!! And things— so many things— to get done.

But I was on the phone the other day with a wise and magical human, and the energy flowing through her voice was so kind and calm that all the frantically hopping parts of me sat right down on the ground in stunned gratitude.

Oh hello!

Oh there you are— you’ve been there the whole time, haven’t you? You beautiful world of dirt and spirit, humming right there beneath me.

There is a silent humming underneath all the noise.

I think our main job is to hear it. But most of us can’t just instantly tune in when there is so much anxious confetti ricocheting around and the minions keep playing that old commercial in our heads. So it helps to find a radio channel to tune into— sort of a bridge for our poor overloaded minds to help them get the relief they crave.

Here are some of the channels that I tune into that help so very much:

The ocean
My breath, but only when I’m already very sane, so clearly that’s not reliable
Books, especially memoir
Animal wisdom
Good wine (you can taste the whole world in it)
Stream-of-conscious journaling

Those things might not work at all for you. Your radio stations might be totally different. For example, yours might be baseball games and spreadsheets and puppies and running. That’s just grand— what’s important is to figure out what works for YOU, and then to tune in with the passion and relentlessness of a 14-year-old tuning in to Justin Bieber.

Just as important is what you choose to tune OUT– pointless political chatter, hate speech, TV news that preys on your nervous system…and maybe even certain people.

In order to be tuned in, we have to do our part. 

You need a strong, study energetic antenna.

You need a body that trusts you to listen to it.

You need a mind that is open to new ideas.

You need healthy boundaries.

You need a killer bullshit filter.

You need courage to listen to what you hear and even more courage to act on it.

This is how we meet the great loving heart of the universe halfway.

Right there at the intersection of earth and air, matter and spirit— that’s us. Right there.

Roots in the ground, arms to the sky.

This might seem esoteric, but when we’re tuned in, we’re immensely powerful. Our minds and emotions and bodies are all moving in the same direction.

And when you’re lined up like that? You can do some seriously epic fucking badass shizzle.

much love,


P.S. Ready to be a powerful, magical, tuned-in epic fucking badass? You need this free resource–


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