Let’s pretend, just hypothetically, that you’re a little tired. 

Even though of course you’re not. You don’t DO tired.  You do bounds and leaps and superhuman feats.


But let’s say that ONE day you found yourself unaccountably weary.  Uncharacteristically beat. Unfathomably exhausted.  Shall I go on?

Here’s what you do then.

….Not much.

Today’s tip is so, so simple: 

when you’re tired, pick something easy. 

Go for the small win.

Knock some dumb, inconsequential tasks off your list.

Pick up the socks.

Go through and delete the easiest emails, the ones that are basically just catalog pictures.

Check your bank balance.

Dust your keyboard.

Doing these things is not a waste of time; these are things that need to be done anyway.

It would, however, be a waste is to do these things when you’re at peak form.

Nah, when you’re at peak form, you should be slalom-ing through ice crevices and ploughing through tough gnarly projects and calling the insurance company.  You know, true heroics like that.

When you’re tired?

Do something easy.

Unload the dishwasher.

Read your kid a story.

Fold the laundry.

And then call it a day.

One of two things will happen.

1.  You’ll do the thing, and you’ll be completely finished– that last pencil you sharpened was the last straw!  it just wiped you OUT!!!– but you’ll be able to rest knowing that you did the very last thing you could and you justifiably, virtuously need rest.  And possibly something good on Hulu.

or, 2.  That tiny easy ridiculously easy task will weirdly energize you.  Suddenly you’ll think you might have found another tiny droplet of energy, enough perhaps to find a new battery for your mouse.  Or maybe rustle up some dinner.  Or finish that project report.

Here’s the only thing you should NOT do when you’re tired: 

Anything hard.

Anything requiring passwords, delicacy, or diplomacy.

Anything that makes you want to cry.

Easy, right?  (I practice what I preach.)

Now go have a weekend!

much love, 

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